wtf is homecoming?? who is coming home??? where have they been??? did they bring souvenirs??

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when im like 40 i hope im really hot so when there’s like a class reunion everyone will be like daaaaaamn

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yo gurl are you a firework
because you’re really fucking loud and annoying

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i apologise to every puppy that i havent patted yet and i’ll be there soon pal

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  • Mum: Hey that band you like is on tv
  • Me: *Bashes through my door
  • Me: *Trips down stairs
  • Me: *Slips on the floor
  • Me: *Runs into wall
  • Me: *Army rolls through the kitchen
  • Me: *Skids around the corner
  • Me: *Dives onto couch
  • Me: Shutup or i'll fucking murder you all

there there